5 Marketing Lessons from Cobra Kai | Abul Hussain

Abul Hussain
2 min readJan 25, 2021

Lesson 1. Live By What You Preach

Sensei Lawrence picks up his first client after he inadvertently demonstrates his skills by beating up some bullies.

Many of us want to run ads for clients but don’t want to run ads for our own business. See the incongruence there?

Ask yourself this… how can you demonstrate to your prospects that you actually know your stuff and can kick some butt?

Lesson 2. Show Up, Even When You Don’t Want To

When Sensei opens his dojo, he has only one student and he shows up for him with all the enthusiasm in the world.

He keeps showing up day after day, making sure that his sole student gets closer to achieving mastery.

Many of us drop the ball after picking up our first client. We start chasing the next one, without fully delivering to our client’s expectations.

Lesson 3. Your Clients Are Your Best Advocates

It is only after Miguel, Sensei Lawrence’s only student, beats the crap out of some bullies at school that his dojo becomes inundated with new recruits.

If you have helped your clients to kick ass, then you need them to show it off to the rest of the world.

Lesson 4. Have Great Branding

Strike first. Strike Hard. No Mercy

Has a nice ring to it right? It works better when you live by it and your prospects can see it.

What do you want your prospects to know you as?

Lesson 5. Throw Shade At The Competition

No show is great without its rivalry and let’s face it, we have rivalry in the real world too.

How can you stir up some controversy by inadvertently dissing the competition?

Here’s an example from a client in price sensitive market…

They offered a $100 off coupon with their advertising. Their competition caught wind of this and offered a $400 off coupon.

I told them to amend their copy to say that if we offered more than $100 off, then we’d be too expensive to begin with, so don’t fall for gimmicks!

I hope you’ve found this post useful!

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