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Abul Hussain
2 min readJan 19, 2021


Hi, this is Abul Hussain and today I want to touch upon why I believe not being focused, not having laser-like focus, is ruining the results for yourselves and for your clients.

Now in this digital space you will know there are 110 different distractions and there are so many new shiny objects being released every single day. Sometimes the fear of missing out becomes too much and we jump on the bandwagon as well!

However, what I have found from my own experience is that when I have fallen for the shiny object, such as a new marketing tool or something to do with chatbots or funnels or the latest tech — I lost my focus from what matters most

What really matters in the agency business is creating campaigns that deliver RESULTS.

Consistent and predictable results is what our clients care the most about over conversion rates and clickthrough rates.

Now often in our quest for growth, we feel that we have maxed out the optimisations that we can make on a campaign or on the user journey and we feel like we need a new shiny tool or we need to build a chatbot or a new website to get those additional gains.

Yet what really happens the moment we lose our focus from what is working or from trying to master one channel, is that we immediately start falling down this rabbit hole and we may begin to see a dip in performance for campaigns that were previously working.

Why? Often, this is due to nothing more than a lack of FOCUS!

Now it is not always the Consultant [you] that creates the noises and distractions.

It might be that the client has heard of something or they have done a course or someone on Facebook has written something about a chatbot and whatnot.

However, if the fundamentals are not in place, such as having a good landing page or a sufficient volume of traffic, etc. nothing else is going to move the needle in the right direction in growing their business.

So you need to be focused and we need to learn to focus our clients as well, so that they keep their eyes on the prize.

The next time you read about the next best innovation since sliced bread, simply ignore it!

Once you have mastered one marketing channel or activity, you can start looking at chatbots or some other tools and innovative technology.

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Abul Hussain

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