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Abul Hussain
3 min readMar 2, 2021


Hi, this is Abul Hussain and what I want to speak to you about today is what call the Rich Agency, Poor Agency spectrum.

What you often see in the journey of many agency owners when they start off is that they are a Poor Agency owner.

What I mean by that is that when they do not have a mentor or they have not had any business coaching, they go out and follow their gut.

They do a hundred different things because they are fired up for that first week.

So they will be on the phones cold calling, doing cold emails and they will be going out attending a whole lot of different meetups, free networking events, etc.

And the result at the end of it all is ZERO. NADA. ZILCH.

They might end up doing a couple of consultations, giving people free advice, but they do not really land the whales and that is the story of your Poor Agency owner.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have the Rich Agency owner who does not need to go out and proactively do any heavy cold emailing, cold calling or networking.

They have prospective clients knocking on their doors for a consultation.

They have other clients referring new business to them and they have a process to upsell their existing clients, so they do not need to continually fish for new clients.

More importantly, their clients are not one-off clients and are on a six-month or so retainer, paying them month after month.

The key difference that I have found between being a Poor Agency owner and a Rich Agency owner is basically in having the right strategy.

That means that you have to take a step back and rather than work inside the business, you need to start working on the business.

You need to look at the levers that will attract the right prospective clients to you, rather than you being like every other SEO or Facebook Ads seller, chasing clients by sending them the same copy and pasted emails and getting nowhere.

What you need to do is engage in activities that will establish you as an AUTHORITY in your niche.

You need to initially put all of your efforts, put those days and hours and your blood, sweat and tears into establishing yourself as an authority.

What that means is you do not go out and sell on the first interaction, but rather focus on educating prospects to position yourself as an expert.

How do you educate prospects?

The simple answer is CONTENT. Content that addresses questions that they might be thinking about but have not said out loud.

Once you start addressing their thoughts and desires, they come to you presold and ready to buy.

Creating content is another topic altogether and we will cover it in another article.

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