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Abul Hussain
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

Hi! This is Abul Hussain, Founder of the SMMA Mastermind and Host of the Podcast with the same name.

What I want to talk to you about today is quite a controversial topic — the gurus are lying to you!

I have opened the lid, so let me be quite candid here…

What you will see and hear from a lot of these gurus is that you should open a Facebook Ads Agency or some sort of a PPC Agency.

There are plenty of courses our there selling for $997 or more that teach you how to open a Facebook Ads Agency.

They provide the same copy & paste scripts to thousands of people to use for cold email marketing or some other prospecting.

Essentially, what they are telling you to do is put yourself in a box, where you provide Facebook Ads or some other service.

Now what these gurus — who often do not have an agency background themselves — do not tell you is that business owners do not care about Facebook or Google Ads and they do not care about most things that you wish to sell them.

What they do care about is their business and how they are going to pay their employees, pay for their kids’ college or school fees or make their mortgage payments.

Now to achieve what they care about most; they need to care about the volume of leads they generate and the number of leads that they convert into sales daily.

The moment you set yourself up to be a Facebook Ads Agency, like 10,000 other people out there, you set yourself up to fail.

What you want to do is position yourself as an authority in your target market.

An authority who knows how to mobilise the different digital technology out there to generate the business results that your client wants, which allows them to take care of what they care about most.

When I go out to pitch, what I promise is that I will deliver results that matter to the business owner.

I position myself as a person who can deliver revenue growth.

The next time you want to pitch someone, do take a minute to ponder about how you could effectively use this advice to position yourself well for your market.

I am not saying that you should not use Facebook Ads in any of your marketing material.

What I am saying is that you should not lead with the hook of being a Facebook Ads Agency.

Business owners do not need another Facebook Ads Agency in their inbox — they want someone who can help them to grow their business.

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Abul Hussain

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