Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

Abul Hussain
2 min readJan 3, 2021

Hi this is Abul Hussain and today I want to speak to you about what I believe is the best way to warm up cold leads into hot prospects, who buy from you time and time again.

The method is not revolutionary, yet it is so underutilised that some people totally miss it.

What is it? It is email marketing!

More specifically, it is using an autoresponder to send a series of emails after someone has opted-in to a newsletter or they’ve clicked on an ad and they’ve given you their email address in return for a free lead magnet of some sort.

What you will often find is that people will sign up for your lead magnet, get an email that gives them access to the lead magnet, but they do not immediately look at the email.

If you are relying on your lead magnet to establish your credibility with your audience, then you really want them to be opening that email.

You want them to be reading the content, for them to clicking through to watching the video, downloading the PDF and then absorbing it.

We live in a very busy world and people are constantly being served marketing messages.

People are constantly signing up for everything and then forgetting about everything else.

What you need to do is send a triggered email sequence based on the behaviour of people who have opted-in.

For example, if someone signs up today and they do not open the email within the first couple of hours, you send them another reminder email [obviously automatically].

If people are opening the email and not clicking through, you can trigger another email the next day that gives them an additional incentive to click through.

I am sure you get the idea of behavioural targeting. Once you get it, it’s quite straightforward to build out triggered email sequences based on user behaviour.

If someone does not buy from you today, then that is ok! They might buy from you a week, a month or even a year later.

You should be regularly emailing your list to keep them warm and build your authority.

So don not get fooled by the simplicity of this marketing strategy, start to implement it in your own business today.

Originally published at https://abul-hussain.com on January 3, 2021.



Abul Hussain

UK based Digital Marketing Consultant for Non-Profit Orgs & Marketing Agencies