Okay, this post may hit some nerves, but to serve you fully is to serve you transparently.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to someone who had wanted to work with me to grow their agency.

As our conversation progressed, he lost his nerve and all of a sudden said “I can work this out on my own; I’m not a moron.”

Now this is not the first time I have encountered such a response and I knew exactly where it came from.

This is a common issue that I find with many people who have been through the…

I regularly speak to startup agency owners and freelancers about what they feel they need to do to take their agency to the multi-six figure revenue mark.

Usually, their head is full of noise.

They have watched too many videos on YouTube or have bought a $997 a course that said this is all easy… just copy and paste these scripts and Bob’s your uncle!

Let us look at this rationally for a second…

If all it took was a few hundred emails to build a 6-figure agency, then everybody going through a course would end up being a successful…

Abul Hussain

You may be familiar with IQ [Intelligence Quotient] and EQ [Emotional Quotient].

There is no doubt that being smart and having empathy for others helps agency owners [and entrepreneurs more generally] to close more deals.

After all who wants to do business with an uncaring idiot, right?

However, whilst IQ and EQ are important areas to work on for budding entrepreneurs, it is equally if not more important to work on your TQ.

What’s TQ you ask?

I define it as your Trust Quotient or in other words how trustworthy you are perceived to be.

Now I do not want…

Abul Hussain


A simple 3 letter word that can have a devastating impact on your success.

You see for many years I was consumed by my own ego. I always thought I knew better than most!

It meant that when I had a challenge, I always felt I could work things out.

However, they say hindsight is a beautiful thing.

I didn’t seek help from people because of what I now realise were silly reasons… all driven by ego.

Someone couldn’t help me because they didn’t have a degree, they didn’t look successful or I didn’t like the way…

Hi, this is Abul Hussain and what I want to speak to you about today is what call the Rich Agency, Poor Agency spectrum.

What you often see in the journey of many agency owners when they start off is that they are a Poor Agency owner.

What I mean by that is that when they do not have a mentor or they have not had any business coaching, they go out and follow their gut.

They do a hundred different things because they are fired up for that first week.

So they will be on the phones cold calling…

Today, I want to break down how simple it is for you to hit that milestone in your business.

One thing that still surprises me is how many people think that getting your agency to at least $10k monthly recurring revenue is quite impossible.

Now for many people in some parts of the world, this figure may represent their annual income and I can understand why such a goal can seem incredible to them.

Yet what I find on a daily basis is that entrepreneurs originating from the other side of the world have formidable grit. …

Hi! This is Abul Hussain, Founder of the SMMA Mastermind and Host of the Podcast with the same name.

What I want to talk to you about today is quite a controversial topic — the gurus are lying to you!

I have opened the lid, so let me be quite candid here…

What you will see and hear from a lot of these gurus is that you should open a Facebook Ads Agency or some sort of a PPC Agency.

There are plenty of courses our there selling for $997 or more that teach you how to open a Facebook…

The lower the average customer value is for your client, the more leads and sales you will need to generate for them to make a profit.

For example, if your client is a restaurant owner and your retainer & ad spend is $1,500, how many meals will the restaurant need to serve before they make a profit?

If they make a $50 gross profit per booking, then that is 30 diners that they need to serve just to pay you!

That is why I generally advise my mentoring clients to work in a niche where the average customer value is…

Lesson 1. Live By What You Preach

Sensei Lawrence picks up his first client after he inadvertently demonstrates his skills by beating up some bullies.

Many of us want to run ads for clients but don’t want to run ads for our own business. See the incongruence there?

Ask yourself this… how can you demonstrate to your prospects that you actually know your stuff and can kick some butt?

Lesson 2. Show Up, Even When You Don’t Want To

When Sensei opens his dojo, he has only one student and he shows up for him with all the enthusiasm in the world.

He keeps showing up day after day, making sure that his sole student gets closer…

Hi, this is Abul Hussain and today I want to touch upon why I believe not being focused, not having laser-like focus, is ruining the results for yourselves and for your clients.

Now in this digital space you will know there are 110 different distractions and there are so many new shiny objects being released every single day. Sometimes the fear of missing out becomes too much and we jump on the bandwagon as well!

However, what I have found from my own experience is that when I have fallen for the shiny object, such as a new marketing tool…

Abul Hussain

UK based Digital Marketing Consultant for Non-Profit Orgs & Marketing Agencies

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