Okay, this post may hit some nerves, but to serve you fully is to serve you transparently.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to someone who had wanted to work with me to grow their agency.

As our conversation progressed, he lost his nerve and all of a sudden…

Abul Hussain

You may be familiar with IQ [Intelligence Quotient] and EQ [Emotional Quotient].

There is no doubt that being smart and having empathy for others helps agency owners [and entrepreneurs more generally] to close more deals.

After all who wants to do business with an uncaring idiot, right?

However, whilst IQ…

Abul Hussain


A simple 3 letter word that can have a devastating impact on your success.

You see for many years I was consumed by my own ego. I always thought I knew better than most!

It meant that when I had a challenge, I always felt I could…

Lesson 1. Live By What You Preach

Sensei Lawrence picks up his first client after he inadvertently demonstrates his skills by beating up some bullies.

Many of us want to run ads for clients but don’t want to run ads for our own business. See the incongruence there?

Ask yourself this… how can you demonstrate to your…

Hi, this is Abul Hussain and today I want to touch upon why I believe not being focused, not having laser-like focus, is ruining the results for yourselves and for your clients.

Now in this digital space you will know there are 110 different distractions and there are so many…

Abul Hussain

UK based Digital Marketing Consultant for Non-Profit Orgs & Marketing Agencies

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